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Wakasa Oysters

Wakasa Oysters are characterized by their condensed sweetness and tender texture, and are a popular winter dish.
Oyster cultivation in Wakasa started in 1930, with over 20 farms now in operation in Obama Bay.
Oysters are raised from early summer, hanging from cultivation rafts in the bay, but it is the especially quiet waves of Obama Bay on the Sea of Japan coast that make oyster cultivation a viable business here.
The scent of the sea wafts up from the milky white oyster meat, which is also called "the milk of the sea" for its many recipes and high nutritional value.
Popular methods of preparation include hotpot, pan frying, and seasoning with salt and sake before steaming. Oysters are a proud specialty of the region that taste even better in winter. Try the tender meat of oysters raised in Obama Bay today.

[Where to purchase Wakasa oysters]

Fujita Shoten (60 Anojiri, Obama)
TEL: +81 770-52-2236 (from abroad)
TEL: 0770-52-2236

Nomura Tosen (24-13 Kogasaki, Obama)
TEL +81 770-52-5855 (from abroad)
TEL 0770-52-5855

Nakajima Oyster Farm (26-46 Kogasaki, Obama)
TEL +81 770-53-0797 (from abroad)
TEL 0770-53-0797

Wakers Obama Osakana Center (2-5-1 Kawasaki, Obama)
TEL +81 770-53-1530 (Office) (from abroad)
TEL 0770-53-1530 (Office)

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