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Wakasa Garei

Wakasa Bay, where warm and cold currents mix together. The flavor of flounder here is exceptional. Flounder goes on the market when the ban on bottom trawling nets are lifted, and continues until the spawning season ends in mid-February.

There are over 35 species of flounder, and those found in Wakasa Bay are also very diverse. The species known as "willowy flounder" is known as "Wakasa Flounder" here.

It is a light and moist species of flounder. The meat is made firm and flavorful by lightly salting and drying it in the sunlight. The soft, half-dried texture makes it a delicacy. Grill lightly before eating. Known locally as "ichiyaboshi garei" (flounder dried overnight), it is exceptional for its soft texture and sweet meat.

Wakasa garei is a highly prized delicacy in Kyoto. It is now presented to the Imperial Household as an offering from Fukui Prefecture.

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