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Wakasa Pufferfish

Because they are raised in the cold winter seas, they are known for quality comparable to natural pufferfish.
They have a high protein content, with almost zero fat and low calories.
They are also high in potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure.
* Wakasa pufferfish cuisine is served at restaurants, hotels, Japanese inns, and bed and breakfasts in Obama, but a significant amount of time is required for preparation, so please make your reservations in advance.
There are many ways of preparing pufferfish. The jaw, which is filled with sharp teeth, is broken into chunks and cooked in a stew. The white meat is used for sashimi. Spines are removed from the skin with a knife, which is then used for stew or pickled dishes. Fins are dried, scorched over a flame, and served with hot sake. And finally, soft roe is cooked into tempura or rice porridge. The taste is exquisite.

Sashimi and parboiled skin of pufferfish are served in a combination platter. Pour ponzu into a small dish, make a sauce with shredded welsh onion, and grated daikon with carrot, and serve with the pufferfish sashimi and skin.

(Ingredients: chinese cabbage, firm tofu, white onions, raw shiitake mushrooms, sticky rice cake, etc.)
Add an adequate amount of water and dashi kelp to an earthenware pot, add pufferfish after boiling and cook for four to five minutes.
When the pufferfish turns white, add tofu and vegetables in that order and heat to a boil again.
Dip in the same ponzu and condiments as you would sashimi and enjoy.

Take out what is left in the pot.
Put in rice, and after it starts to boil, mix scrambled eggs in evenly, and sprinkle on ground welsh onion.
Put a lid on and turn off the heat, and enjoy after steaming for a bit. You can also add flavor with ground nori or ponzu.

Broil blowfish fins on low heat until slightly browned.
Place the broiled fin in a cup or teacup, pour in sake heated to about 70°C, let sit for one minute, take out the fin and drink the sake.

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