Traditional dish

Decchi Yokan

An understated and elegant sweetness. Just as "mizu yokan" is synonymous with summer confectionaries in Japan, Wakasa's "decchi yokan" is a winter sweet.

It differs from mizu yokan in its reduced sugar and vegetable gelatin. Because no preservatives are used, it spoils easily, and so is not typically made in the summer time.

There are many stories regarding the origin of its name. One story says that, compared to mizu yokan, decchi yokan is underboiled, and so was called "decchi", meaning "half-done". There is the theory it was so named because even an apprentice craftsmen could make it. There is even the story that says it was so named because a child serving his apprenticeship far from his home in Wakasa was sent with this yokan as a present from Wakasa.

Confections with the same name are found in Shiga and Kyoto, but those are wrapped in bamboo and the water is removed, so the texture is completely different. It is truly a local confection with exceptional flavor.

[Decchi Yokan Vendors]

Wayou Gashi Akao
TEL: +81 770-52-0645 (from abroad)
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Inoue Kouyouan
TEL: +81 770-52-0199 (from abroad)
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Yume Wagashi Souzou Ueda
TEL: +81 770-52-2292 (from abroad)
TEL: 0770-52-2292
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TEL: +81 770-52-0565 (from abroad)
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Sano Suehirodo
TEL: +81 770-52-0624 (from abroad)
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Irregular holidays

Shihojyu(Nishizu Shop)
TEL: +81 770-53-0599 (from abroad)
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Open 7 days/week

Shihojyu (Obama Shop)
TEL: +81 770-53-0875 (from abroad)
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Furutani Seikaho
TEL: +81 770-53-0495 (from abroad)
TEL: 0770-53-0495
Open 7 days/week

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