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Snow crab is second only to blowfish as a winter special in Wakasa Obama. This snow crab is an exemplary winter staple, known as "Echizen Crab" off the Mikuni Coast in Fukui Prefecture, and as "Matsuba Crab" off the coast of Tottori Prefecture.

Males are called "seiko" and females are called (from largest to smallest) "daigani", "chugani", and "yamagani". Freshly molted crabs with soft, watery shells are called "mizugani".

The etymology of snow crabs (zuwaigani) comes from the shape of their legs. In old Japanese "zuwae" referred to a young, thin, straight branch, and, when pronounced in the local accent, sounds like "zuwai". It comes from the notion that the legs of the snow crab are much longer than its carapace is large, growing rapidly like a young tree branch.

The crabs caught in Wakasa Bay are delicious, as one can expect of the prime fishing grounds between Tottori and Echizen, where the warm and cold currents crash into each other.

Boiling crabs is the most common method of preparation, but it can be enjoyed in many ways, such as grilling, in stew, and as sashimi. The rice porridge made after crab stew is a treat not to be missed.

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