Traditional dish


Kodai-no-sasazuke is a delicacy representative of Obama.

It is made by slicing a 7~8cm sea bream into three strips, pickling in salt and vinegar, garnishing with bamboo leaves, and packing inside a small cask that smells of cedar.

The flavor varies from one maker to the next, with each displaying their ingenuity by making use of the flavor of natural ingredients while adding unique flavor with kelp.

The sea bream used in sasazuke is also called deep-sea porgy or yellow sea bream, a firm-bodied sea bream found in the rough waters of the Sea of Japan.

It is best eaten after one to two days in the cask, and can be enjoyed many different ways.

It is perfect served raw, as sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce, as a topping for sushi, pickled with vinegar or soy sauce, mixed together with mirin, or in a Japanese-style soup. It is also delicious deep-fried or as tempura.

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