User Information:
When users request published periodicals, and other information or documents, order products, or make inquiries, the Site may collect information that can be used to identify individuals.

Information and data collected include name, address, telephone number, corporate or organization name, email address, fax number, and other contact information. 

Use of information and data collected:
The Tourism Association saves and uses information and data that can be used to identify individuals within the scope of Tourism Association activities.
The Tourism Association may use information and data collected that can be used to identify individuals in accordance with applicable matters set forth in this privacy policy. 

Disclosure of information and data to third parties:
Excluding exceptional circumstances listed below, the Tourism Association shall not intentionally disclose to third parties any information or data collected from users that can be used to identify individuals.

• When requested on a legal basis

• When consent for disclosure to third parties has been specially obtained from the provider as part of providing information or data

• When disclosing to the person responsible for handing over information and data provided by the Tourism Association to the user, within the scope necessary to hand over this information

Access Log:

The Tourism Association records and stores an access log including users' IP addresses, but these IP addresses cannot be used to identify individuals.
The access log is only used to count hits to the Site, analyze statistical trends in access, and make diagnoses when problems appear in the server. The access log is fundamentally used as a reference for operation of the Site. 

Alterations to the privacy policy:
The Tourism Association may alter the contents of this privacy policy without prior notice.

When alterations are made to this privacy policy, notice of this fact will be posted for users on the Site. Please note that users shall be considered to have agreed to these changes upon accessing and using the Site for the first time after the contents of alterations are posted.

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