Miketsukuni, Wakasa Obama has a colorful culture and history that continues to charm visitors to this very day.

Here we introduce the appeal of Wakasa Obama on a deeper level, from hot sightseeing spots, to secret get-aways, and local festivals.

A range of popular hotels, Japanese style inns, and bed and breakfasts where you can feel at ease in the Wakasa Obama area.

Check here for information on Wakasa Obama’s delicious local dishes, as well as traditional crafts highly renowned both in Japan and abroad.

Obama, located in the center of the Japanese archipelago on the Japan Sea coast, has deep ties with the Chinese mainland, the Korean Peninsula, and Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. As such, it has become a cultural capital, with over 130 temples.

Many traditional festivals and performances are carried on by the residents of Wakasa. The region has a long and illustrious history.


The charms of Wakasa Obama

This page introduces all the charms Obama has to offer in pictures, from the scenery, to the famous sites, and its delicious cuisine.
Here you can see the charming and attractive region of Wakasa Obama. Use it to plan your trip to Wakasa Obama today.

  • Panorama from Angel line road

    Angel line road is going through "Uchitomi" peninsula. Uchitomi means "Inner harbour and the great ocean" As its name suggests, you can see both the sunrise from the sea…
  • Sotomo

    Sotomo boasts 6 km of rock formations, caves, and cliffs, as well as cliffside waterfalls, which form in square-shape patterns as the granite is shattered by waves and eaten away …
  • Mermaid Terrace

    Statues of mermaids praying for long life stand on this terrace in honor of the legend of Yaobikuni, a local woman who was said to have eaten the flesh of a mermaid and lived thro…
  • The Road of Cloud

    The road lingking between Obama and Kyoto is now called "saba-kaido (mackerel road)". You can look down the grand view once you stand on the border-peak of Fukui and Shiga pr…
  • Myōtsūji

    Myōtsūji is said to have been built by Tamuramaro Sakanoue in Daidou Year 1 (806 AD). The main temple building, which was rebuilt in the Kamakura Era, and the 22m three-storied pa…
  • Wakasa-nuri Chopsticks

    Wakasa-nuri chopsticks have been designated as a traditional craft product, and account for 80% of domestically produced lacquered chopsticks. Wakasa-nuri chopsticks are distingui…
  • Wakasa sea food dishes

    Obama is to say the truth the nearest coast from Kyoto the anciant capital of Japan. Sea foods from Obama had been always on the dinner table of Kyoto citizen. Do you th…
  • Omizuokuri Ritual

    "Omizuokuri" is held at Jingu-ji in Obama City on March 2nd, in advance of "Omizutori" held at Todaiji Nigatsu-do in Nara on March 12th. It is a historical event that recoun…
  • Sanchōmachi

    The avenues of Sanchōmachi, where houses with lattice facades stand side by side, are at once refined and emotional. Its elegance and charm draw in travelers instinctively.
  • Hagaji

    Hagaji Temple's name comes from the classic legend of a mythical firebird who flew in and dropped a feather on this land. In Reiki Year 2 (716 AD) the monk Gyōki built this temple…
  • Hoze-Matsuri

    This festival is highly influenced by Gion-Matsuri of Kyoto. 24 each district of central Obama, play various performance for local faith. Why don't you come and join the…
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Sightseeing is a must, but don’t forget to try the local cuisine and shopping.

Here we briefly introduce Wakasa Obama’s delicious local dishes, as well as traditional crafts, which are highly renowned both in Japan and abroad. Here we briefly introduce Wakasa Obama’s delicious local dishes, as well as traditional crafts, which are highly renowned both in Japan and abroad.

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Wakasa-nuri Chopsticks

Wakasa-nuri chopsticks comprise 90% of all domestically produced lacquered chop…

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Kodai-no-sasazuke is a delicacy representative of Obama. It is made …

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